Ainain Mosque

Ainain Mosque (Al-Dhareb Mosque)

Ainain Mosque (Al-Dhareb Mosque) is a small ruined mosque. Only a small part remained of its walls built of mud bricks.

It is located on a high place of Al-Rumat (Archers) Mountain (Ainain) from the eastern side, and on part thereof. This is the mountain where the archers took positions on the day of Uhud. It was said that the Prophet (PBUH) offered Al-Dhuhur prayer (noon prayers) at its site.

To the north of this mosque, and at the foot of the mountain our master Hamza, God bless him, was killed.

About it, Ibn Shabba quoted Jaber as saying that the Prophet (PBUH) prayed Al-Dhuhur (noon) on the day of Uhud on two springs (Ainain) of Al-Dhareb in Uhud, by the arch, as if he meant the arch of the spring that existed there.

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