Al-Areesh Mosque

Al-Areesh Mosque (thatched roof) is located in Bader City and near Bader Martyrs cemetery. It was built in the place of the shade which was constructed by the companions, God bless them, for the Prophet (PBUH) on a hill beyond the rows, overlooking the battlefield, as proposed by the glorious companion Sa’ad bin Mu’ath, God bless him, and approved by the Prophet (PBUH).

Al-Halabi said: “Sa’ad bin Mu’ath said: Would we build you a shade where you stay in, and we prepare what you will ride, then we fight our enemy? If God blesses us and grants us triumph against our enemy, then that would be what we aspire for.

If the other way round, you would sit on what you ride, and catch those who would be behind us. People have left you, while we are not more loving than them, and no closer to you then them. They have the intention and will for Jihad.

If they think that you are fighting they would not leave you alone. Yet, they thought it was the caravan, where God protects you with them. They obey you and exert Jihad with you.”

The Prophet (PBUH) commended him and prayed for bounty on him, and said: “O Sa’ad, would he rule more bountiful than that?”

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