Al-Baidaa (The Desert)

Al-Baidaa (The Desert) | Al-Matari said: “It is the place where the pilgrims direct themselves when departing from Thi Al-Hulaifa targeting west.

In the Hadith of Aisha about the revelation of the ayat (verse) of Tayammum (Ablution without water): “Once we were in Al-Baidaa, or That Al-Jaish.” It was narrated in the Hadith that people would invade the House (Ka’ba). Once they stay at Al-Baidaa, the Almighty Allah sends Gabriel (PBUH) to say: “O Baidaa exterminate them.” Ibn Omar was quoted as saying: “If the army is eliminated in Al-Baidaa, that is the sign that Al-Mahdi will come out.

Abu Huraira, God bless him, was quoted as saying: “An army will come from the Al-Sham (Syria) and enter Medina, to fight against the fighters and cut the bellies of women, saying about the pregnant women: kill the infants of evil. Once they arrive at Al-Baidaa from Thi Al-Hulaifa, they will be exterminated, so they cannot reach each other.

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