Al-Fadeekh Mosque

Al-Fadeekh (The Sun) Mosque

Called Al-Fadeekh Mosque (The Sun) because Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari, and a group of companions, God bless them, flooded Siqaa Al-Fudaikh (type of liquor) when they told that the liquor was forbidden.

Jaber bin Abdulla, God bless them, was quoted as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) besieged Bani Al-Nadeer, and built his dome near Al-Fadeekh Mosque . He prayed for six nights at the spot of Al-Fadeekh Mosque.

When the liquor was forbidden, the news came out to reach Abu Ayoub with a group of Al-Ansar (supporters of Mecca emigrants), while drinking Fadeekh (type of liquor). Then untied the drinking pot and flooded it.

Thus, it was called Al-Fadeekh Mosque. Al-Fadeekh is grape juice; a drink of Bisr Mafdoukh (shaken liquid). It was called the Sun Mosque as the sun rises thereon at the time of sunrise. This mosque was removed years ago, and now replaced with a cemetery.

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