Al-Fath Mosque (The Conquest Mosque) – Batn Mar Al-Dhahran Mosque

Abdulla bin Omar said that the Prophet (PBUH) used to stay at the plain located down Mar Al-Dhahran towards Medina, when he comes down from Al-Safrawat (valleys and mountains after Mar Al-Dhahran) he used to stay at the heart of that plain to the left of the road towards Mecca, at a distance of a stone throw between the staying place of the Prophet (PBUH) and the road. Al-Bukhari narrated quoting Hisham, quoting his father, as saying: “When the Prophet (PBUH) took out in the year of conquest, and Quraish came to know that, Abu Sufian bin Harb, Hakim bin Huzam, and Budail bin Warqaa, went out for news about the Prophet (PBUH). They chased them, caught them and brought them to the Prophet (PBUH), then Abu Sufian embraced Islam.  At the position where he stayed, a mosque was built, which was known as Al-Fath Mosque

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