Al-Juma (Friday) Mosque (Al-Wadi “The Valley”Mosque, Atika Mosque, Al-Qabeeb Mosque)

Al-Juma (Friday) Mosque – When the Prophet (PBUH) migrated from Mecca to Medina, wherein he arrived on Monday, 12 Rabi’e Al-Awwal of the first year of Hegira, he stayed in Quba for four days, till the morning of Friday, 16 Rabi’e Al-Awwal of the same year.

Then, the Prophet (PBUH) headed for Medina. Near his residence place in Quba, it was time for Juma (Friday) sermon in Bani Salem bin Awf. He performed it in the heart of the valley (Al-Ranona’a Valley).

The place wherein the Prophet (PBUH) performed the Friday sermon was identified, and later called Al-Juma (Friday) Mosque.

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