Al-Munsaref Mosque (Al-Ghazala, Al-Musaijeed)

Al-Munsaref Mosque (Al-Ghazala, Al-Musaijeed)

Al-Munsaref Mosque, today known as Al-Ghazala Mosque, is at the end of Al-Rawhaa Valley to the end of the mountain. Ibn Zabala narrated quoting Omar as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) prayed at Sharaf Al-Rawhaa, and at Al-Munsaref by the intersection from Al-Rawhaa.

In another narrative by Yahya, quoting Ibn Omar as saying that he prayed at the intersection by Munsaref Al-Rawhaa. The intersection is on the way at the edge of the road, before the Sabeel at Thanyat (Mountain route) Al-Munsaref on your way to Mecca.

Nafi’e said: “Abdulla bin Omar used to hit the road from Al-Rawhaa without praying the Dhuhr (noon) prayers until he came to that place, then prayed the Dhuhr there.

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