Al-Qarasa Well

Al-Qarasa Well

Al-Qarasa Well – Ibn Zabala narrated, quoting Jaber bin Abdulla, as saying: “When my father, Abdulla bin Amro, martyred I offered to his creditors Al-Qarasa, which was owned by him, with all its assets and fruit, including debts.

They unaccepted, unless they value it and return to him the remainder of the debt.” He said: “He complained this to the Prophet (PBUH), who said: “Let them, until it is the harvest season, you harvest its assets, then come to me”.

When it was time for harvesting, he harvested its assets, then came to the Prophet (PBUH) and informed him accordingly. The Prophet (PBUH) went out with a group of his companions, spit in its well, prayed to Allah to settle the debt of Abdulla bin Amro, and said: “Go, Jaber, to the creditors of your father, offer them a price, and settle to them.”

Jaber went out and offered them a price, saying: “Go until I fulfil your rights. Their eldest were Jewish. He said: They said to each other: Don’t you exclaim from the companion of the Prophet (PBUH) and the son of his companion? He offered his assets and fruit, but we refused.

Now he claims that he is repaying from his fruit. He said: He went to them and repaid their rights, and the surplus was equivalent to what they harvested every year. No traces of this well nowadays.

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