Al-Raya (The Flag) Mosque (Mount Thobab)

This is a mosque in a small black mountain, located to the north west of the Prophet Mosque. It is no more than 20 meters high. It was said that it was named after a man from Yemen, who came to Medina and killed some of its people and was crucified against some of its rocks. The route coming out of Thanyat Al-Wada’ Al-Shamiya (The Farewell Mountain Route to Syria) passed through it, so it was seen by those entering and exiting. The trench drilled by the Muslims in the fifth year of Hegira passes through its western base. Some historic books mention that a dome was installed for the Prophet (PBUH) by this mosque. Therefore, a small ancient mosque was built over it, called Al-Raya (the flag) or Thobab Mosque. Al-Harith bin Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying: Aisha, God bless her, sent to Marwan bin Al-Hakam, when Thobab was killed and crucified on Thobab, saying: A spot where the Prophet (PBUH) prayed and adopted it as a crucifying place.

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