Al-Sareer Column (The Bed Cloumn)

Located to the east of the Repentance Column, the Al-Sareer Column is attached to the window overlooking the Al-Rawda Al-Sharifa (The Holy Piece of Paradise). It is I’tikaf place of the Prophet (PBUH). He had a bed of palm fronds, which was placed by that column. Also, the Prophet (PBUH) had a pillow that was laid for him, so he used to lay on his bed by that column. Ibn Omar, God bless them, said about the Prophet (PBUH): “When he was in I’tikaf mode, a pillow was laid for him, along with a bed of fronds with palm leaf, which was placed for him between the column opposite the sacred grave and the chandeliers. The Prophet (PBUH) used to lay on it.

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