Al-Suwaiq Incursion

The Prophet (PBUH) took out and assigned Abu Lubaba bin Abdul Munther Al-Amri to safeguard Medina. Abu Sufian bin Harb, when the infidels returned from Bader to Mecca, prohibited usage of fat until he would take revenge from Muhammad and his companions. In the Hadith of Al-Zuhri, he took out in two hundred horse riders.In the Hadith of Ibn Ka’b, in forty horse riders. They took the route of Al-Najdiya, and arrived at Bani Al-Nadeer tribe at night. They knocked the door of Huyay bin Akhtab for news of the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions. He refused to open for them. They knocked the door of Salam bin Mashkam, who opened, hosted them and gave them liquor to drink. He told them about the news of the Prophet (PBUH). Early morning, Sufian bin Harb went out and passed by Al-Areed, being three miles away from Medina. He killed a man of the Ansar (Medina people who supported migrants from Mecca), and his wage worker. He blasted houses and hay there. He saw that he had perjury, then he escaped. The Prophet (PBUH) was told about that, so he delegated his companions, and took out in two hundred men from the migrants and Ansar, pursuing them. Abu Sufian and his companions tried to reduce their loads, so they dropped the sacks of Al-Suwaiq, which represented the majority of their food. Muslims picked them. So, it was called Al-Suwaiq incursion. They couldn’t catch them until they arrived at Qarqarat Al-Kader. The Prophet (PBUH) headed back to Medina, after 5 days of absence.

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