Al-Udwa Al-Dunia

Al-Udwa Al-Dunia (Abraq Al-Hanan) is the eastern hither side of the valley, close to the site of the battle. It is called Abraq Al-Hanan, i.e. the small hill left by the Prophet (PBUH) to his right when coming back from Bader. This is reflected in the saying of Allah (Quranic verse): “When you were on the hither side of the valley and the infidels on the yonder side, and the Caravan was belowyou (On the Coast Plain), and if you would have made any mutual promise, surely you would not have reachedon appointed time, but this has happened in order that Allah might fulfil the work which is to be done; so thatwhoever was to perish might perish with proof; and whoever was to survive might survive with proof. Andundoubtedly, Allah is Hearing, Knowing.”

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