Al-Ustuwan Al-Mukhallaq (The Perfumed Column)

Al-Ustuwan Al-Mukhallaq is also called “The Flag of the Prophet (PBUH)”.Al-Mukhallaq means the scented or fragranced. The word is derived from “Al-Khalooq”, i.e. perfume. Othman bin Math’oun was quoted as saying: “He spit in the mosque and became depressed. “Why are you depressed?” his wife asked him. “Nothing but that I spit in the Qibla while praying” He answered. His wife washed the Qibla, then perfumed it. So, she was the first to perfume the Qibla. Salma bin Al-Akuwa’a, God bless him, used to detect this column and pray in it. When asked, he said: “I saw the Prophet (PBUH) detecting this spot and pray in it.” Hence, said Malik: “The location of the perfumed column is my favorite spot moving around inhis mosque. However, the farida, i.e. the prescribed prayers, should be in the first row.”

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