Arafa Mosque (Namira Mosque)

This is the mosque wherein the Prophet (PBUH) prayed on the Day of Arafa (The day immediately preceding the grand Muslim festivity during pilgrimage time). It was narrated in the Hadith of Jaber, God bless him, as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) took off until he arrived at Arafa, and found out that the dome (tent) was set up for him at Namira, and he stayed in it. By the time the sun was inclined to set, he ordered Al-Qaswaa (name of his camel) and she was prepared for him. He rode until he arrived at the heart of the valley, and addressed the people. Then, he permitted Bilal to give one call for the prayer, and he prayed the Dhuhr (noon time), then he prayed the Asr (after noon). Ali bin Abu Taleb also recited in it the surah (chapter) of Baraa (acquittal) when the Prophet (PBUH) requested him to recite it to the people, informing them that no infidel should offer pilgrimage after that year, and that no naked person should offer circumambulation around the Ka’ba. This mosque is located to the north of Arafat, its nose, next the Qibla, is outside the border of the standing ground.

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