Badr Al-Mawe’ed (The Appointment) Incursion

This is the Badr Al-Mawe’ed (The Appointment) incursion of the Prophet (PBUH), which is different from Badr the fighting incursion. When Abu Sufian bin Harb wanted to leave on the Day of Uhud, he cried: “Between us and you is the yellow Badr, where we meet at the year end to fight.”

The Prophet (PBUH) said to Omar bin Al-Khattab: “Say yes, God willing.” People left on this basis. Then, Quraish returned, and told those who met them about the appointment. They prepared, and when the appointment approached, Abu Sufian hated to take out.

Na’eem bin Masoud Al-Ashja’ie arrived in Mecca, and Abu Sufian said to him: “I had an appointment with Muhammad and his companions to meet in Badr. Now it is time for that, but this is a year of drought, and a fertile year should be suitable for us.

I hate it if Muhammad takes out and I don’t take out, so he will dare to attack us. We would give you twenty gifts to be guaranteed for you by Suhail bin Amro, provided that you go to Medina and disgrace Muhammad’s companions.”

He said: “Yes.” They did, and gave him a camel, and he rapidly rode and arrived in Medina. He told them that Abu Sufian had gathered men for them, and about his weapons and supplies.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “By God, I would take out, even if no one takes out with me.” God gave triumph to Muslims and removed fear from them. The Prophet (PBUH) assigned Abdulla bin Rawaha to safeguard Medina and his flag was carried by Ali bin Abu Taleb.

He took out with one thousand and five hundred Muslims and 10 horses. They took out with goods and trade, and Badr Al-Safraa was a community where Arabs gathered and a market that was held with the appearance of the crescent of Thul Qi’da.

The market was held in the morning when the crescent appeared and they stayed there for 8 days and sold their trade. They made profit Dirham to Dirham, and people heard about them. Abu Sufian bin Harb took out from Mecca with 2000 from Quraish, with 50 horses.

They ended at Mejanna, i.e. Mor Al-Dhahram, then he said go back as only a fertile year will be suitable to us, where we grow trees and drink milk. This year is dry, so I will return and return with me.

People of Mecca called this the army of Al Suwaiq, saying they took out to drink the Suwaiq (porridge). Ma’abad bin Abu-Ma’abad Al-Khuzai’e came to Mecca with the news of the Prophet (PBUH) and arrival in Badr with his companions.

Safwan bin Umayya said to Abu Sufian: “On that day I told you not to count the people, who dared on us and saw that we broke our promise,so they planned and prepared for Al-Khandaq (The Trench) incursion.”

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