Bani Bayada Mosque

Ibn Shabba and Yahya narrated quoting Sa’eed bin Ishaq as saying that the Prophet (PBUH) prayed at Bani Bayada Mosque. Bani Bayada are of Al-Aws tribe.

Abdul Rahman bin Ka’ab bin Malek was quoted as saying: “I used to guide my father after he got blind to the mosque on Friday. He heard the Athan (call for prayer) on the way and said: “May God have mercy on Asa’ad bin Zurara, who was the first to gather us in this village.

We were then forty men in a spot of Harrat Bani Bayada.” Ibn Zabala quoted Ebrahim bin Abdulla bin Sa’ad, quoting his father, quoting his grandfather, as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Tonight mercy has been bestowed between Bani Salem and Bani Bayada, and Bani Salem and Bani Bayada said: “Shall we move there? He said: “No, but bury in it.” No traces of this mosque nowadays.

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