Ghadeer (Creek) Khom Mosque

Al-Asadi said: “Three miles from Al-Juhfa off the road of Hithaa Al-Ain there was a mosque for the Prophet (PBUH), and between them Al-Ghaida, i.e. Ghadeer (creek) Khom. In Musnad Ahmad, quoting Al-Baraa bin Azeb, God bless him, as saying: “We were with the Prophet (PBUH) and we stayed at Ghadeer Khom. Gathering prayer was called for. The Prophet (PBUH) came and prayed the Dhuhr (noon) under the tree. He held the hand of Ali, and said: “Don’t you know that I have more priority to the believers than themselves? They said: yes. He said: He held the hand of Ali and said: O God whomever I am the ally, Ali is his ally. O God, be the ally of his ally and the enemy of his enemy. He said: Afterwards Omar met him and said: Congratulations O son of Abu Taleb, now you are the ally of each believer (male and female). Zaid bin Arqam is quoted as saying the same. No traces of this mosque nowadays.

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