Haa Well (Bier Haa)

Haa is a well and botanic garden located to the north of Medina wall from the east. Haa Well inured to Ubai bin Ka’ab and Hassan bin Thabit, as it was given to them by Abu Talha, as stated in the two Sahihs and other books.

It is a well of near water, narrow canals. Opposite the well to the direction of Qibla (Muslims prayer direction) is a small mosque in the middle of the garden. It is a Waqf (endowment) for the poor and unprivileged people. Its palms are prolific in fronds and fruit, and the people of Medina prefer such type of palm trees for being lucrative to their owner without much effort.

Haa Well is located at the entrance from King Fahad Gate, to the left, beneath the fixtures between the second and third columns.

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