Harrat Bani Haritha (Harrat Al-Areed)

Harrat Bani Haritha is the north western part pf Al-Harra Al-Sharqiya (the eastern black stone land) or Waqim. It extends to Al-Mustarah Mosque, where the mosque of Bani Haritha. At this Harra, towards Ajam Al-Shaikhain, ends the route of the trench, which started at Harrat Bani Salama (The black stone land of Bani Salama).

It was narrated in the Prophet tradition, from the Hadith of Ibn Ishaq that the Prophet (PBUH), on his way to Uhud incursion said to his companions: “Which man would come out with us to the people in a close distance? (I.e. who would take us in a short cut to avoid passing by them).”

Abu Khuthaima, brother of the people of Bani Haritha bin Al-Harith, said: “I would, O Messenger of Allah.” So, he crossed with him through Harrat Bani Haritha and between their properties, until he passed through property of Marba’a bin Qaidhi, who was a hypocrite blind man.

When he heard the voice of the Prophet (PBUH) and his Muslim companions, he started throwing dust on their faces, saying: “If you were the Messenger of Allah, I do not give you permission to enter beyond my wall.”

It was mentioned to me that he took a handful of dust and said: “By God, if I know that I do not hit other than you with it, O Muhammad, I would have hit your face with it.” People went on to kill him, but the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Do not kill him. This blind is heart blind, eye blind.” Sa’ad bin Zaid, brother of Bani Abdul Al-Ashhal, before the Prophet (PBUH) prevented them from killing him, went on and hit him with the arch in his head, and he wounded him.

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