Harrat Bani Salama (Black Stone Land of Bani Salama)

It is a part of Harrat Al-Wabara (The Black Stone Land of Al-Wabara), hosting the houses of Bani Salama tribe at the area of the two Qiblas (Muslims prayer direction), and their cemetery. Abu Huraira, God bless him, was quoted as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) said: A cemetery to the west of Medina, to be obstructed by the flood from the left, so and so will be sent from it, not accountable.” Abdul Aziz bin Mubasher said: “I cannot memorize the number.” And Ibn Abi Atiq, and others from the Mashiakha (Chieftain) of Bani Haram, said that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “A cemetery between two floods, from the west, with its light illuminating on the Day of Judgment, between the sky and Earth. This cemetery is unknown today, but their direction is known. In an evidence, this Harra (black stone land) was the start of drilling the trench.
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