Incursion in pursuit of Korz bin Jaber Al-Fihri

Incursion in pursuit of Korz bin Jaber Al-Fihri

The Muslims flag at this incursion (in pursuit of Korz bin Jaber Al-Fihri) was carried by Ali bin Abu Taleb. It was a white flag. Zaid bin Haritha was assigned to safeguard Medina. Korz bin Jaber had raided the Sarh (grazing sheep and camels) of Medina and took them away.

They were grazing at Al-Juma’a (a mountain beside Aqiq to the slope, located 3 miles from Medina). The Prophet (PBUH) pursued him until he arrived at a valley called Safwan from the side of Bader. Korz passed through and the Prophet (PBUH) had not caught him, so he returned to Medina.

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