Jasoom Well

Jasoom Well (Abu Al-Haitham bin Al-Taihan Well)

Zaid bin Sa’ad was quoted as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) came, accompanied by Abu Bakr and Omar, God bless them, to Abu Al-Haitham bin Al-Taihan, God bless him, in Jasoom, and drank from Jasoom Well ; which the well of Abu Al-Haitham, and prayed on the depressed ground around it.

Al-Waqedi narrated, quoting Al-Haitham bin Nasr Al-Aslami, as saying: “I served the Prophet (PBUH) and stayed around by his door. I used to bring him water from Jasoom Well, which is the well of Abu Al-Haitham bin Al-Taihan. It had tasty fresh water. One day he entered while fasting, together with Abu Bakr, to Abu Al-Haitham, and said: “Any cold water?” He brought him a precisely sealed bottle with water in it, as if it were ice. He poured from it on goat milk, and gave him to drink, then said: “We have a cold shade, so take your nap in it O Messenger of Allah at us”. He and Abu Bakr entered it, and Abu Al-Haitham came with various types of dates …. The Hadith. No traces of this well nowadays.

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