Jumaa Al-A'aqer

Jumaa Al-A’aqer, or Jumaa Al-A’aqel

Jumaa Al-A’aqer, or Jumaa Al-A’aqel – One of the Jumaas mountains; three small mountains located to the west of Medina, extending over part of Al-Aqiq Valley. The Arabic word Jumaa denotes a goat that has no horns. It is narrated that these mountains were so named because their upper part is flat, with no peaks. It is located approximately to the west of Medina, to the north western part of Jumaa Tadaro’a and Jumaa Um Khaled. It is about 9km from the Holy Prophet Mosque. Jumaa Al-A’aqer is the largest of the Jumaas. At its foot were several palaces, including the Palace of Jaafar bin Sulaiman. A road splits Jumaa Al-A’aqer and Jumaas of Tadaro’a and Um Khaled. This is the road taken by the armies of Quraish to fight the Prophet (PBUH) in Uhud and the Trench (Al-Ahzab) incursions.

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