Marjah Thi Al-Adwain

Marjah Thi Al-Adwain | Ishaq mentioned the spots by which the Prophet (PBUH) passed on this route. He said: “When they went out with the guide, he took them the route at the bottom of Mecca. Then, he took them to the coast, until he crossed the route on the bottom of Osfan, then took the routed at the bottom of Amaj. Then, he passed until he crossed with them the route after he passed Fudaid. Then, he headed from that place to pass by Al-Kharrar, then passed Al-Marrah mountain route. Then, he took the Laqaf route, then passed by Madlajat Laqaf, then crossed with them Madlajat Mijaj, then Marjih Mihjah. Then, he crossed with them a Marjah (diagonal path) from Thi Al-Ghudwain, then crossed Thi Kashr, then took them to Al-Jadajid, then Al-Ajrad. Then he took them through the route of Tha Salam, then crossed through Madlajat Ti’ehen, then Al-Ababeed, then he crossed with them Al-Fajah, then stayed with them at Al-Araj, then took the mountain route of Al-A’er, to his right was a camel, until he went down with them to the center of Ra’em, then came with them to Quba.

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