Masjid Al-Khayf (Al-Khayf Mosque)

Al-Khayf Mosque is a well-known mosque in Mina at the foot of Al-Dhiba’a (Hyena) Mountain from the northern side. At the site of this mosque the Prophet (PBUH) stayed during the Farewell pilgrimage.

Before him at that site messengers and prophets (PBUT) stayed. They were said to be seventy prophets. Ibn Abbas, God bless him, said: “The Prophet (PBUH) said: In Al-Khayf mosque seventy prophets prayed, including Moses (PBUH), as if I were looking at him, with two Qatwanian cloaks, while dressed in Ihram (clothes for pilgrimage and umrah), riding on a camel from Shanooaa, with fiber muzzle, and has two braids. Also in its site was the gathering place for those conspiring for Al-Ahzab (the parties) incursion.

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