Mount Al-Mustander

Mount Al-Mustander is a small, 3-5m high mountain, located at the Manzelat of Haj Al-Shami (the dwells of Haj Al-Shami) to the east of Mashhad Al-Nafs Al-Zakiya (grave of the cleansed soul), i.e. the grave of Muhammad bin Ali bin Al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abu Taleb, who was killed by Bani Al-Abbas (Abbasid Dynasty) during his revolution against them.

It was said that he was buried in his house at that place. It was also said that his wife and his mother carried him at night, and buried him at Baqie, together with the graves of the sacred family graves.

It was narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) prayed at the mosque of a district in Mount Al-Mustandar. The distance between it and the said grave is about eighty two meters. This mountain was around the houses of migrants from Bani Al-Sail during the Prophet time. No traces of this mountain nowadays.

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