Mount Sila’

Mount Sila’or Mount Thawab

Mount Sila’ is located to the west of the Prophet Mosque, about five hundred meters from its western fence. It is about 1km long, 80m high, and 300-800m wide. It extends from the north to the south, and parts of it bifurcate in the middle in the form of wings eastward and westward.

The mountain is composed of dark brown basalt rocks, and leans to be black in certain areas. Mount Sila’ is historically appreciated. Several events occurred at its foot or near it, mainly the Trench incursion, where the infidels gathered at its western side. The trench drilled by the Muslims in the fifth year of Hegira (immigration from Mecca to Medina) separated it from them.

The foot of Mount Sila’ was the premises of the Muslims command. A tent was installed for the Prophet (PBUH), and a number of the companions garrisoned in different locations thereof. At the base of the mountain, several tribes dwelled during the time of the Prophet (PBUH).

In the Ottoman era, several military buildings were constructed on its peak, of which the remains can still be seen. Today, urbanization surrounded the mountain from all sides, and now it forms part of the borders of the central area of Medina.

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