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Alakoutarassoul is an application operated without the need for an internet connection to download all the holy sites the beloved's foot treaded on, stated accurately on navigation maps, easy to arrive at and visit, and as mentioned in his biography (Seerah). It aims to help pilgrims or visitors of Al-Medinah Al- Munawrah or those striving to know these sites to rethink/learn lessons while visualizing the image of Mekka Al-Mukarramah or Al- Medinah Al- Munawrah at the times of the beloved (pbuh). It also precisely shows all sacred sites the beloved foot walked on either in Mekka or Al- Medinah or on his migration route or during his battles, particularly after most of these landmarks had obliterated due to the expansion of the Two Venerable Sanctuaries (Al-Haramein) or due to absolutism of modern construction on expense of these holy places or due to lack of interest to show them.


An index with seven main ports/sections, subdivided into more than 250 sites the foot of the beloved (pbuh) treaded on.

Background information/Synopsis of each of these sites

An accurate location on the map for the sites the foot of the beloved (pbuh) stepped on for praying or sites he passed such as mountains and valleys or places of water wells he drank from.

Possibilities of arriving at each of these sites by car or on foot without being connected to the internet.


Harrat Bani Salama (Black Stone Land of Bani Salama)

It is a part of Harrat Al-Wabara (The Black Stone Land of Al-Wabara), hosting the houses of Bani Salama tribe at the area of the two Qiblas (Muslims prayer direction), and their cemetery. Abu Huraira, God bless him, was quoted as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) said: A cemetery to the west of Medina, to...

Al-Raya (The Flag) Mosque (Mount Thobab)

This is a mosque in a small black mountain, located to the north west of the Prophet Mosque. It is no more than 20 meters high. It was said that it was named after a man from Yemen, who came to Medina and killed some of its people and was crucified against some of...

Al-Taef Mosque

Al-Samhoudi, and the book “Khulasat Al-Wafa”, mentioned: “A mosque in Al-Taef, where the Prophet (PBUH) prayed between two tents he installed for two of his women, when he besieged Al-Taef. He built there a grand mosque with an attic. In its corner facing Qibla (Muslims prayer destination) there lied the grave of Abdulla bin...

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