House of the Prophet (PBUH) in Mecca

House of the Prophet (PBUH) in Mecca is the house which was the residential place of Mrs. Khadijah bint Khuwailed, God bless her, and the Prophet (PBUH). In this house, Khadijah gave birth to all her children (Al-Qasim, Zainab, Abdullah, Ruqaiya, Umm Kolthoum, and Fatima). Khadijah embraced Islam and died in this house.

The Prophet (PBUH) remained in this house until he migrated to Medina. In this house Ali, who was sponsored by the Prophet (PBUH), embraced Islam. Of the servants, Zaid, God bless him, believed, and all his daughters, God bless them, believed. Gabriel appeared to him while at the Cave Hiraa with the verse: “Recite in the name of your Lord who created.”

When the Prophet (PBUH) returned to the house of Khadijah and they covered him, the Almighty Allah revealed to him, while at her house: “O you who covers himself [with a garment], Arise and warn, And your Lord glorify.” Hakeem bin Hizam said: Khadijah passed away, so we took her out from her house until we buried her at Al-Hojoun.

The Prophet (PBUH) went down in her pit, while the funeral prayers was not valid at that time. That house were turned in the past as a house for Quran recitation. However, its features faded away, as it was demolished for the expansion of the Holy Mosque and the urban development witnessed by Mecca.

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