Prophet Sadaqat (Alms): Farm and Well of our Master Salman Al-Faresi (Al-Maithab or Al-Faqeer “the Poor”)

Prophet Sadaqat (Alms) – Al-Maithab is one of the alms of the Prophet (PBUH) from the properties of Mukhaireeq, former Jew, at Al-Alia, known as Al-Faqeer (the Poor). It has the Well and Mosque of Al-Faqeer. It was mentioned that the Prophet (PBUH) prayed in its mosque.

Sadaqat (Alms) of Al-Maithab, known as Al-Faqeer, today exists, and has a well, but the mosque was demolished. Adjacent to it a large education management school was built, and today the site is surrounded by a fence built by the Tourism and Archaeological Authority. However, the mosque has been included within the school yard.

At that blessed site, the Prophet (PBUH) planted with his noble hands palms of Salman Al-Faresi, God bless him, and all the trees gave fruit from the first year of planting. Al-Sayed Al-Samhoodi narrated quoting Ibn Abdul Bar, telling of Salman, that the Prophet (PBUH) bought it from Jewish people against certain dirhams, provided that he would plant a certain amount of palms for them, where Salman would work until the deal is completed.

The Prophet (PBUH) planted all the palms, except one, which was planted by Omar, so he harvested the fruit of all the palms except that one. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Who planted it?” They said: “Omar did.” The Prophet (PBUH) removed it and planted it, so it gave fruit in the first year of planting. In another narration: “The one that did not give fruit was planted by Salman.”

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