That Al-Jaish

That Al-Jaish is an area in the proximity of Al-Mufarrehat, and near Al-Yahoub (Mushaireb) River, where the Prophet (PBUH) stayed on his way to Bader, as well as upon return from Bani Al-Mustaleq Incursion. The ayat (verse) of Tayammum (Ablution without water) was revealed in the story of the loss of Aisha, God bless her, the wife of the Prophet (PBUH), of her necklace.

In the Hadith, Aisha, the wife of the Prophet (PBUH), was quoted as saying: “We went out with the Prophet (PBUH) in some of his travels. While in Al-Baidaa or That Al-Jaish, my necklace was cut and dropped down. The Prophet (PBUH) was searching for it, and the people accompanied him without having water.

People came to Abu Bakr, God bless him, and said: Don’t you see what Aisha did? She stayed with the Prophet (PBUH) and the people without water, and without having water. Abu Bakr and the Prophet (PBUH) placed his head on my thighs and slept. He said: You kept the Prophet (PBUH) and the people, without water. Aisha said: “Abu Bakr blamed me, said something and poked me in my waist, so nothing prevented me from moving except the place of the Prophet (PBUH) on my thighs.

The Prophet (PBUH) woke up in the morning without water. Hence, the Almighty Allah revealed the ayat (verse) of Tayammum (ablution without water). Usaid bin Hudair said: “That is not the first one of your blessings, Abu Bakr family.” We moved the camel on top of which I was, so we found the necklace beneath it.”

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