Thi Qarad Incursion (The Forest)

Thi Qarad Incursion – Twenty pregnant camels of the Prophet (PBUH) were grazing in the forest, and they were attended by Abu Thar. Uyayna bin Husn raided them the night to Wednesday with forty musketeers and killed the son of Abu Thar. Caller cried: “Help, Help.” It was cried: “O horses of God, ride.” The first which was called and rode was the horse of the Prophet (PBUH). He took out on Wednesday morning, masked in iron. He stopped and the first one who came to him was Al-Muqdad bin Amro, with his shield and cover under mask, raising his sword. The Prophet (PBUH) tied a flag around his spear and said: “Move, and the horses will follow you. We are following you.” The Prophet (PBUH) assigned Abdulla bin Um Maktoum to safeguard Medina, and left Sa’ad bin Ubada with three hundred of his people to guard Medina. Al-Muqdad said: I took out and traced the back side of the enemies. He caught Salama bin Al-Akwa’ on foot, and started to throw arcs on them, saying: “Take it, I am bin Al-Akwa’, today is for the day of infants.” He ended with them at Thi Qarad; by the side of Khyber, beyond Al-Mustanakh. Salama said: We were followed by the Prophet (PBUH), the people and the horses in the evening. I said: O Messenger of Allah, the people are thirsty. If you send me with a hundred men, I would save the Prophet’s stolen cattle in their hands, and take the necks of the people. The Prophet (PBUH) said: It’s all yours. Then said: Now they are settled in Ghatfan. The caller went to Bani Amro bin Awf, and the supplies arrived, including on horsebacks, pedestrians, and on the backs of camels. They ended up meeting the Prophet (PBUH) at Thi Qarad. They saved ten pregnant camels and the people escaped with the remaining ten. The Prophet (PBUH) prayed the prayer of fear at Thi Qarad, and stayed there one day and one night, investigating news. He allocated one camel for every 100of his companions, to slaughter them. They were five hundred, and it was said seven hundred. Sa’ad bin Ubada sent him loads of dates and ten camels. The Prophet (PBUH) received them in Thi Qarad. The Prophet (PBUH) returned to Medina on Monday, being absent for five nights.

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