Thul Ushaira Incursion

The flag of Muslims at Thul Ushaira Incursion was carried by Hamza bin Abdul Muttaleb. It was a white flag. AbuSalama bin Abdul Asad Al-Makhzoumi was assigned to safeguard Medina. The Prophet (PBUH) took out accompanied by one hundred fifty companions. It was said two hundred of immigrants, whom he delegated. He had not forced anyone to take out.

They took out on the backs of thirty camels, in pursuit of Quraish caravan to obstruct it while heading for Al-Sham (Syria). The Prophet (PBUH) was informed that the caravan was heading from Mecca, with property of Quraish. He arrived at Thul Ushaira, which belongs to Bani Madlaj tribe at Yanbu. The distance between Medina and Yanbu is nine Burds (One Burd = 12 miles).

He found out that the camel caravan he pursued had passed a few days before. This is the same caravan he took out to obstruct while returning from Al-Sham. Therefore, it took the coastal path. Quraish was informed about it, so they took out to protect it. They met the Prophet (PBUH) at Bader, and he fought them and killed as many of them.

At Thul Ushaira, the Prophet (PBUH) nick-named Ali bin Abu Taleb as “Abu Turab” (Dust Man) as he saw him asleep while covered in dust at Al-Bawgha’a. “Sit up, Dust Man.” He said. He got up. At this incursion he concluded peace with Bani Madlaj and their Bani Damra allies, and returned to Medina without being exposed to any conspiracy.

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