Torbat Suaib

Torbat Suaib (The Soil of Suaib)

Torbat Suaib is a blessed site in Medina in the heart of Bathan Valley. It is located close to the house of Bani Al-Harith bin Al-Khazraj. Ebrahim bin Abi Al-Jaham, God bless him, was quoted as saying: “The Prophet (PBUH) came to people of Bani Al-Harith bin Al-Khazraj to find them suffering fatigue. He said: “Why are you tired O Bani Al-Harith?” They said: “O Messenger of Allah, we were infected by this fever. He said: Where are you from Torbat Suaib? They said: What about it, O Messenger of Allah? He said: You take from its dust and mix it with water, then one of you to spit on it and say: “In the Name of Allah, the dust of our land with the saliva of some of us is a cure for the ill of us, God Willing.” They did and the fever left them.

Ebrahim bin Muhammad was quoted as saying:“I was informed that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “The dust of Medina cures leprosy.” In the two Sahih books there is the Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH): “If man complains illness of has ulcers or a wound, he pointed, Sufian said: He put his pointer finger on the ground and raised it, and said: “In the Name of Allah, the soil of our land, with the saliva of some of us, cures our sick with the Willing of our God.”

Ibn Zabala narrated that a man was brought to the Prophet (PBUH) with ulcer in his leg. The Prophet (PBUH) lifted the end of the rug, then put his finger following the thumb on the dust after moisturizing it with his saliva, and said: “In the Name of Allah, the saliva of some of us, with the soil of our land, cures our sick, with the Willing of our God, then he put his finger on the ulcer, so as if it was untied from a knot.” The Hadith of “The dust of our land cures our ulcers with the willing of our God” was also narrated, and that Um Salama used to treat the ulcers with the dust of Al-Dhabba.

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