Wadi Al-Kharar

Wadi Al-Kharar (Al-Kharar Valley)

Wadi Al-Kharar is a valley at Hijaz, ending at Al-Juhfa, near the Creek of Khum. When the Prophet (PBUH) departed from Al-Kharar in his migration to Medina, he was met the following day by Talha bin Ubaid Allah, returning from Syria in a caravan of camels. He gave the Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakr from the clothes of Syria. He told The Prophet (PBUH) that the Muslims in Medina were waiting the Prophet impatiently. The Prophet (PBUH) accelerated the march and Talha went on to Mecca, until he was done with his choir, then went out with the family of Abu Bakr, and lead them until they arrived in Medina.

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